Purpose of living

What is existential crisis? It is the state where you start indulging in questions of deep thoughts like the meaning of your life, why you are living, and loose interest in everyday stuffs because you realize these has no importance. 

I believe these questions are ones that are hard and has no exact answer to which you’ll run into occasionally and temporary end with some conclusion. 

At the moment, with the experience of having lived 22 years, my conclusion is that purpose of life is to find more and more lovable people. Human beings are social beings and we need to be in a company, a community. I really think it is to find more people you feel comfortable with, find more people you love. A point to be noted is that the concept should not be equated to people we label as friends and family. Sometimes these words tend to distract us from the true meaning it holds. In modern era, “friends” seem to be too vague. It could refer to a Facebook friend you barely know or a person you met once but felt the instant connection because of similar interests and ideas or a friend who’ve been with you through both happy moments and hardships, had fights and been through ups and downs but still stick together. 

I want to find more of latter two. Some people may find direct one-on-one communication intimidating and awkward but I find that to be the fastest way to find such people.


Michiko Yamasaki


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